Feb 232021

Process of Choosing a Nursery School in Singapore

Process of Choosing a Nursery School in Singapore

When children join nursey school, they start to familiarize themselves with the school routine as they become more accustomed to formal education. Your child’s experience in nursery school Singapore will shape his attitude towards education. At this age, children may not appreciate the importance of education. However, if they enjoy themselves, they will develop a positive attitude, and you’ll have an easier time preparing your child for school. 

Start searching early

Did you know that some of the popular nursery schools have a waitlist, with some parents booking soon after birth? This shows how competitive it is, and your search for a kindergarten can become quite complicated if you wait too long before enrolling your child in one. 

It is not uncommon for parents to keep track of their child’s enrolment status over the years, especially as they approach the age of attending kindergarten. When you find an opening in a nursery school you are interested in, most will require a commitment from you to reserve the space. Most kindergartens will require a commitment fee during registration. 

Consider kindergarten’s close to your home or workplace.

When searching for a nursery school Singapore, location is an important consideration. Travelling time can be overwhelming, not just to you but to your child as well. It is best to minimize the time your child spends on the road between home and school. You may opt for a school close to home or one that is close to your workplace. Besides convenience, you will also be close in case of an emergency.

Check the kindergarten’s credibility.

Once you have a list of potential kindergartens for your child, it is best to find out their credibility before registering your child in one of them. Find out how safe the nursery school Singapore is, and the quality of education and care your child will receive. You should also find out if the kindergarten is licensed. 

All nursery schools in Singapore should be registered with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). The licenses are usually valid for between six and 24 months. Kindergartens which get a 24-month license are often considered stable and of high quality. So, it may be best to look for one of these when searching for a kindergarten. 

You can also discover more about the kindergarten’s credibility from parents with children in the kindergarten, or those whose kids passed through the nursery school, even though they have now progressed to primary school. Firsthand accounts will help you make your decision much faster.

Choose a learning style most suitable for your child.

You need to find a link between the kindergarten and your child. Even a high-quality kindergarten may not be suitable for your child if the education approach is unsuitable for your child. Every child is different, and you should find out what learning style is best for your child. For example, if your child is a visual learner, he is likely to do well in an academic-based nursery school in Singapore

Other factors to consider include the teacher-children ratio. Your child will get better attention if the teacher is not overwhelmed with many students under her care. You should also consider your budget against the school fee structure. 

You should also find out if you are entitled to any subsidies. ECDA offers sufficient information on subsidies available. This information will help you choose the most suitable kindergarten.