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Benefits of the Preschool Program in Singapore

Benefits of the Preschool Program in Singapore

Preschool is not compulsory in Singapore, but more parents are enrolling their children in preschool. The preschool program makes it possible for parents to return to work when the child is of age. Younger children interact with other kids and develop social skills, while older ones are introduced to structured formal education. Schools offering playgroup Singapore programs provide a range of services to make preschool appealing and beneficial to preschoolers. 

The following article by Kezia Tan discusses the highly rated preschools in Singapore, and what makes them stand out. 

Why are some preschools rated highly?

“Organic food, weekly nature walks, and ocean-themed sensory rooms – you probably didn’t have these during your time as a kid. But preschools now are pretty on the ball with various education systems to children a good head start in their early years.

For all the mommies and daddies out there, here’s a list of the most popular preschools in Singapore, complete with an explanation on their teaching programmes.”  Read more here  

Preschools in Singapore are highly competitive, with each trying to be as unique as possible to attract parents seeking playgroup Singapore for their child. This competition is the reason some preschools stand out. The demand for some preschools is the reason some are in multiple locations. For most parents, the school’s environment, preschool program, diet, child care, and cultural skills have influenced their choice. Some of the top preschools in Singapore offer multi-lingual programs which later prove beneficial for preschoolers

The author of the next article looks at some of the popular preschools in Singapore and the cost. 

Do preschools that charge more offer better services?

“While every parent desires to take care of their own child, sometimes life gets in the way, and that may not be possible. For busy working parents, most either seek help from their parents or turn to options like infant care. Some opt to hire someone to care for their child, either a babysitter, nanny or domestic helper. Each option has its pros and cons, but in this article today, we will focus on covering the best infant care options in Singapore.” Read more here  

For most Singaporean parents, the preschool choice is often influenced by the cost of the preschool program. Even when they prefer a specific playgroup Singapore, most parents opt for the next best preschool if the cost is beyond their budget. While some preschools with a higher price tag offer more services, some charge more because they have more outdoor space for play. Preschools have to meet specific criteria when it comes to the safety and care of kids. So, parents shouldn’t worry much about the cost because their children are in good hands. 

In the following article, Ee Jia Tan discusses the stress of choosing a preschool and the importance of optimism during the process. 

Why a positive attitude is important when searching for a preschool

“Hunting for the right preschool in Singapore can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time parents. We think there are many great preschools in Singapore, and there are many factors to choosing the right one for your child. After navigating four different preschools for my little ones, here’s my two cents worth on how to choose a preschool in Singapore for your child.” Read more here  

If you spend time looking for the bad in every preschool you visit, it may take a lifetime to find the perfect playgroup Singapore for your child. This doesn’t mean you should overlook aspects of a preschool that you don’t like. You need to choose the perfect preschool for your child, but you will have an easier time appreciating the positive aspects of the preschools you have shortlisted. You will have an easier time choosing a preschool this way. 

The first few days of preschool are tough for parents and children alike. However, over time, the kids start enjoying the outdoors and the interaction with other children. Preschools don’t just serve as a place for children to interact, but they also provide the opportunity for children to gain some independence away from their parents. This is important because they then start thinking for themselves and start making decisions. It is a period of growth, and all preschoolers benefit from the preschool program.