Feb 172021

A List of Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool

A List of Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool

When searching for your child’s ideal preschool program in Singapore, the best way to make sure you make the right choice is by having a list of questions. The facility with the most positive responses will be the right one. You’ll also be able to quickly eliminate those that don’t meet your pressing needs. For example, what is the preschool’s diet plan? How many students are in each class? Does the preschool have sufficient play space? What measures are in place in case of a health emergency? 

The following article for young parents on asiaone.com discusses some of the relevant questions parents should ask when enrolling their child in preschool.

Advantages of having a questionnaire when vetting preschools

“You want only the best for Junior, but how do you know if the centre you have in mind meets your standards and will encourage your child’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional development?

When you tour a preschool, what exactly should you be looking for?

These are the questions that education experts say you should be asking when you choose a preschool in Singapore.” Read more here  

Having a list of requirements is natural before enrolling your child in playgroup Singapore. However, instead of simply telling the preschool what you want, why not ask open-ended questions? You are likely to get honest and direct responses this way, making the process of choosing a preschool program much easier. For example, a question such as, “what is the preschool’s diet plan?” will help you analyze critically if the meal plan suits your child or not. Some preschools go so far as to ensure the kids only have organic foods, so the response will help you decide if the preschool is ideal. 

In the next article, Puja Chandra Nanda analyzes how responses to questions you may have about a preschool will influence your decision. 

Preparing questions for preschools when choosing one for your child


“Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Q. Am I looking for a childcare or a kindergarten? 

The obvious factors deciding this question is whether you or your partner have the flexibility to work from home so you can look after your child. Or alternately do you have any means for childcare at home- for example, grandparents living together or close by or an experienced helper?” Read more here  

When raising questions for preschools, you also need to have an idea of responses that you will find acceptable. For example, when asking about the fees and how often it changes, you should have a budget in mind. It is critical to have both an upper and lower ceiling to see where you are willing to compromise. It is important to accept that you may not find the perfect preschool to give you positive responses to all your questions. You should be ready to compromise. For example, a preschool program may be within your budget, offer the right diet, but the facility may be too big for your liking. Are you ready to compromise on size for the other positive attributes? 

You child’s interests must be above yours when choosing a playgroup Singapore. Jasmine Alimin discusses this aspect in the next article. 

Why your child comes first when choosing a preschool

“No longer do preschools have teacher-led, cookie-cutter curriculums, there is a wide array of different award-winning pedagogies, language immersion programmes, beautifully-designed campuses, first-class amenities… the list goes on. With so many options—each institution offering varying and unique features—how do you pick the one?” Read more here  

It is understandable to assume you know what is best for your child. However, parents need to include their children in the decision on which preschool is ideal. Granted, a child’s idea of preschool may be very different from that of the parent. While a parent may be looking at long term benefits, a child may only see instant gratification, such as awesome playthings. However, a child can be instrumental in making the decision easier.

If you are finding the process of selecting a preschool a challenge, you can ask your child what he’d like in a preschool. You may get a clue on some of the thing he values so you can include them in your questionnaire. You must remain flexible. For example, you may prefer a preschool near home, but if you get a better one near your workplace, are you willing to take that option or can you not compromise on location? As a parent, the final decision is yours, so you need to cover all bases before making your final choice.