Jun 262021

Top Recommended Gene Testing Kits for 2021

Top Recommended Gene Testing Kits for 2021

The trend of getting home-based gene testing kits is increasing at a fast pace. If you also plan to get one for yourself then keep in mind that these kits are not alternate of clinical examination and evaluation. The different level of tests is designed with special emphasis on various areas so specific needs of the test could be figured out at every level.

There is some recommended test kit which can be a good source of getting required data for evaluation:

The 23andME:

This is said to be a little test and the amount of information it provides has enough depth. The detailed results from the test can be of utmost importance for me in making decisions. The detail of the ancestor from 2000 regions can be given with the help of the test including the area your family belong to and the migration history. You can even meet your lost relatives in case you succeed in forming DNA relative connection with the test. So the most interesting part is getting information about your family traits.


This is the oldest ancestry tracing name with over 18 million people already in the database. From overall 1000 regions, the company can get the breakdown of your ethnicity. It uses the autosomal DNA frame and with that helps in figuring out the ancestral histories of the family including of both spouses. The ethnicity estimate is also given with the help of the test which can further break down family depending on DNA markers. Based on the ancestral history, the test can also be used to sequencing genetic makeup. There are genetic counsellors which help in analysing tests along with identifying any risks associated with the testing kit. If you intend to follow any particular healthcare plan, then you can get the breakdown of the healthcare test and share it with your physician. The test is good for general knowhow of the basic health condition and then finding ways to control any gene mutation.

Map My Gene:

Map My Gene Tests & Genome Mapping Kits: Empowering the next generation since 2009. We strive to make genetic testing widely accessible to all communities. Our aim is to utilize the latest biotechnology to benefit everyone across the globe.

Focused on 2 main gene mapping test kits:

INBORN TALENT GENE TEST (ITGT): We help you discover 46 Inborn Talents & Personality Traits + Personalized Career Recommendations.

DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY GENE TEST (DSGT): We help you see if you are at risk to 100 of the most prevalent diseases of today.

Our biggest goal here at Map My Gene is to help you become the best version of yourself. We believe that the alignment of your lifestyle and genetic predisposition is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Instead of focusing on developing your weaknesses like everybody else, our philosophy is to help you work with what you are naturally gifted through the discovery of your genes.

Your personality traits, natural artistic talents, athletic robustness, IQ and EQ, can all be uncovered through our Inborn Talent Genetic Test. We give each ability an aptitude rating and even go so far as to analyze each trait for your personalized career profiling report. By doing so, we can advise parents on their children’s unique abilities and help pick the right development programs for their children.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have amassed a solid track record of happy and satisfied customers, many of whom are medical professionals and well-educated individuals. We are confident that our state-of-the-art biotechnology and professional counseling services will ensure our clients a paradigm shift towards living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


The testing kit can be a good gift for any close family member. You need not give in a saliva sample, rather a simple cheek swab can work. The kit is very easy to use but it has some serious issues as well. The test checks autosomal DNA which an individual carries from a long time ago, probably from the stone age. The test can help in matching families and clue about the areas migrated. The chromosomal browsing, as well as information on hereditary mutation, can also be traced with the help of the test.


The test is a budget-friendly and effective method to check the ethnic originality of any individual. You get good privacy control on the test so all your relevant information remains in your custody. You get an animated map with the help of which you get an idea about the ethnic origin.

Some other DNA tests check the food sensitivities towards some food items. It helps in identifying the digestive issues, food and drinks, reaction to some minerals and other environmental sensitivities to a certain variety of food. You need to check what your requirement is before opting for the right test.