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Types of Genetic Tests in Singapore

Types of Genetic Tests in Singapore

Genetic test or gene tests are done to get an insight into the person chromosomes or genes. Normally some tests are performed in Singapore if an intention is to find out the genetic makeup and chromosome of any individual for any reason. There are various genetic tests available and some even online that cater to different results needs such as the ones at Map My Gene Pte Ltd.

The New-born Screening:

For any newborn baby, it is essential to get an idea about any abnormality or genetic disorder present in the foetus. The screening of new-born is thus done to get an idea about such anomalies. Across the globe, millions of babies are tested with the help of such tests for checking the presence of phenylketonuria, which is a genetic disorder causing intellectual disability and congenital hypothyroidism, which is the thyroid gland disorder. Along with other states, Singapore also performs the test to figure out if there is any issue with the foetus.

The Diagnostic Testing:

For checking any specific conditions of the chromosome or genetic makeup, a diagnostic test is performed. Mainly, when any specific condition is examined based on a change in physical symptoms or signs, then the diagnosis becomes essential. The test could be performed before birth or at any time during the life of a person. It is pertinent to mention that the test is not applicable for all genetic or gene conditions. A test is an excellent tool for highlighting the disorder and its management along with keeping track of health care.

Carrier Testing:

There is yet another type of test which is done to check the presence of any genetic disorder. In some people, one type of gene is present and if the second type joins, it leads to the genetic disorder. Mainly individual with a family history of any genetic disorders are prone to suffer from such diseases. Also, people belonging to some ethnic background in Singapore are more vulnerable. In case both parents get tested, the result can figure out the presence of any genetic disorder for future generations as well.

Prenatal Testing:

Before a child is born, this test is done to check any issue with the unborn child’s chromosome or gene. To find out any risk involved in the genetic makeup of a child, during pregnancy this test is done. The test greatly helps the couples in deciding about keeping the pregnancy or otherwise. However, the test cannot show all the birth-related defects or inherited disorders for any person.

Preimplantation Test:

PGD or Preimplantation test is yet another test that reduces the chances of having a child with any type of genetic or chromosomal disorder. In the case of in-vitro fertilization sometimes genetic changes happen in the reproductive system which can lead to a genetic disorder. When the egg of a woman is fertilized with the sperm outside the body, the sample is taken for a preimplantation test.

Forensic Test:

For legal purposes, forensic testing is done. Mainly this testing is not done to find out the change in the genetics or genes of an individual, rather it is linked with legal work like crime suspects, victims etc. It is also done to form a biological link between people.

In Summary

Above are some of the known genetic tests done in Singapore and across the globe for different reasons. Some tests are performed from a medical point of view, while others from a legal perspective. In all cases, proper standard operating procedures and other formalities are met for ensuring maximum accuracy in the results.